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3 min readFeb 23, 2022

Freedom has always been an interesting phenomenon, but the cost is often left out of the whole concept. The freedom to move around, interact with others and our views on any particular topic makes sure that every participant feels relevant. Freedom is an important endeavor of any civilized society or organization, as it makes the whole atmosphere inclusive. The sense of belonging that an individual seeks is found in the basis of collectiveness; feelings of mutual interest and common grounds encourage the participants to feel important. But what almost always goes unnoticed, is that true freedom always demands protection from any and every sort of threat.

It is the responsibility of the regulatory authorities to set high and strict standards for protection, in order to set up an environment that tolerates opinions and accepts differences.

This is exactly what the new era of internet is about. After being affected by continues involvement of attention-centered social media platforms and their online tools, the netizens have come to understand that their data is crucial to their online presence. The freedom of internet is like the freedom of a country, where methods of protection and laws are set up to ensure the ease of the common participant (citizen in case of a country).

In fact, many startups from the current era have come to understand the need of the hour and have opened the doors of freedom, while making sure that each individual feels protected.

On top of the heap, Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix has established an environment of mutual trust between his employees. In their book; No Rules Rules, Reed and Erin Meyer bring the atmosphere at Netflix to the light. The company boosts its operations and keeps the workplace free from any toxic politics, by encouraging freedom of speech and action. The online streaming giant has put forward the importance of freedom in a workplace, thus maintaining a way of understanding each other by a loop of constant feedback.

This thought has put Netflix among the companies that keep their employees and managers happy and tension free.

The modern internet surfer requires the same level of trust with other entities on the global network. The internet is an open space where each viewer has his or her own set of data and information.

The internet is innovating as quick as any other technological tool and this shift requires us to make laws and approach things as they demand.

The solution to a world of internet where humans are being used to extract data and then their very data being manipulated to divide and control, is web 3.0. The new paradigm of internet that allows connectivity throughout our lifestyle, demands us to make strict regulations regarding safety.

Safety is a key component of blockchain tech, an important variable in the equation of web 3.0. With blockchain, the data remains distributed on the whole network and does not fall into the hands of a few.

The cryptocurrency being the most important product of blockchain is implemented upon the framework of decentralization. Whereby, every transaction is kept safe by a distributed ledger, combined with cryptography to ensure that even if someone gets their hands on the data, they are not able to access it without permission.

The decentralization is what makes web 3.0 the ideal stepping stone to the implementation of the sematic web, powered by blockchain tech.

Written by: Humza Noor