Bringing academia and industry together: Stacks Pakistan FAST Chapter Orientation

From the left: Humza Noor (Content writing head), Zeerak Gillani (Graphics Head), Muhammad Burhan (Photography head), Abdur Rehman (Tech head), Ummar Ikram (Vice President), Muhammad Ahmad (President), Dr. Kashif Zafar (HOD CS dept., FAST Lahore), Mr. Nabeel Qadeer (Country Consultant for Stacks Pakistan), Dr. Hammad Naveed (Director FAST Lahore and advisor of the chapter), Dr. Rana Asif Rehman (Co-Advisor of the chapter), Iman Jawad (Social media head), Minnah Amir (Office head) and Talha Shahid (Logistics head).




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Stacks Pakistan

Stacks Pakistan

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