An Insight into The Future

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2 min readMar 31, 2022

The talk about the imminent new approach to the implementation is not something that will fade away any time soon. Rather this new version of the world wide web is an ever-evolving and research-centered entity. There may be a thousand reasons to support and implement web 2.0, because we are all surrounded by websites and apps that are erected on that infrastructure. Since web 3.0 will be centered on research, its birth was actually a product of the latter itself.

The increase in internet traffic and exponential growth in the number of netizens saw the flaws of web 1.0 come to the surface. Fast forward a couple of decades, the same two factors come into effect and thus, once again bring the flaws of the internet’s second generation to the light. Another key factor was the dependence on internet; web 1.0 saw internet only as a new piece of tech, while, web 2.0 saw internet become a utility of daily use.

Internet became a necessity, rather than a luxury during the 2010s.

This growing demand was a wake-up call for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors. An open season of the internet-dependent business environment flourished, and it became clear that the future lies on computer and mobile screens.

The third generation of internet has come to the rescue of netizens that look to secure their data and make sure that none of their online activities become a threat to their surfing.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the future shall see humans set up a new online world that brings all new tools into use. With decentralized apps and websites, the data shall be freed from the bounds of MNC servers, cryptocurrency will put an end to frauds and other hurdles to monetary exchange, and blockchain shall serve as the backbone of the whole process by allowing a positive paradigm shift in the very fabric of the global connectivity. These all ingredients come together to make the recipe of the global village.

The vicinity of internet will expand multifold with its third episode.

To stir a change this big, there has to be a massive effort on the most basic levels. The whole idea of web 3.0 shall revolve around trust and reliability. No matter how much the idea of future in our minds be formed by Terminator and Edge of Tomorrow, works like Trust-to-trust design of a new Internet form an image of the world connected by the global network and free from third-party interference (especially in matters of data).

Developers, hackers, academics, businessmen and entrepreneurs have just started to harvest the possibilities of blockchain, but with the focus on finding solutions and doing solid research with every step, was, is and always will be a step in the right direction.

Written by: Humza Noor