If you have wandered around to this page, you might be wondering about what Stacks actually is. Is it a company, is it a currency, what’s the difference between Stacks and Stacks Pakistan; so many brimming questions, so let’s clear it out today!

It was back in 2014 when Dr. Muneeb Ali and Ryan Shea met at Princeton University and began this project, which then went on to become the basis of Blockstacks. In 2017 Dr. Muneeb finished his Ph.D. thesis on Blockstacks, and in the same year, it became a Public Beneficiary Corporation as well. In 2018, Stacks 1.0…

With the Global Blockchain Technology Market size expected to reach $72 billion by 2026, it is no doubt blockchain will continue consuming the world in its whirlpool. This then leads to the natural question- what is the point of blockchain and why has it become such an overnight sensation?

According to Wired, the main hype around blockchain stems from the fact that it “offer(s) an immutable ledger of data without relying on a central authority”. Hence, blockchain allows for decentralization, which ensures security and more control in the hands of everyone, rather than a singular authority.

One of the most…

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Bitcoin? Is it Halal or Haram? This is indeed a very relevant question indeed for the modern day Muslims, since the global economics is starting to see a paradigm shift in the favor of virtual decentralized trading.

In order to be able to pass a verdict on the permissibility of the above named technology, it is first important to define the legal islamic limits set for both mal (property) and money:

Accepted Definition of Mal (property):

In the times of the early jurists, only the tangible goods were the ones that could be stored. Hence, one might think that only…

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Cryptocurrency! What even is it? Is it just a sham or a new pathway for great investments? How did it even come into existence? Who is behind its invention? What are the mechanisms that make it work?

Despite being a contemporary internet sensation, the basic knowledge and the whereabouts of cryptocurrency still remains largely a mystery in the eye of the public. Anyone seeking to find out more about this shall be finding the following section very useful.

(Disclaimer: In order to understand and be able to make successful investments in cryptocurrency, one does not need to be a tech-head…

Centralized vs Decentralized Networking: A Comparison

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Centralized vs. decentralized is indeed a hot topic for debate in today’s world. In the more orthodox times of computing and networking, this question did not exist, as there were no real options. When the globe, however, saw a vast rise of technologies like Blockchain, the decentralized network became a trending phenomenon in today’s business environments. With the availability of decentralization and an increase in the number of netizens, the “Centralized vs. decentralized network” debate appears to have gained more prominence. …

Stacks Pakistan

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